About Ten.4

Ten Fingers 4 Paws is a vision that my wife had just after the birth of our daughter over two and a half years ago. She always said wouldn't it be great, and simplify the lives of busy families, if there was just one place online that we could buy all of our eco-friendly, organic and sustainable products for our children and our furry family members with ease of access.

She held onto this idea and thus the birth of TenFingers4Paws.com. Of course there are so many wonderful companies and products available and someday we hope to be able to showcase each and every one. In the meantime we are committed to bringing to you the best and most well researched eco-friendly, organic and natural living products for your babies, toddlers, dogs and cats. Rest assured, we have personally tested, used in our home and fallen in love with each product on our site. We look forward to hearing from you and we're available to answer any of your questions, share advice and introduce you to the wonders of green living!

Welcome to Ten FIngers 4 Paws...please enjoy our site. Reach out to us if there are products or companies that you feel would be a great addition to Ten 4 we love to learn from other parents and caregivers. Stay in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook as we look forward to getting to know you.